Client reviews

Judge McGing is experienced in both civil and criminal law …writes a significant number of opinions … well regarded for his work ethic and knowledge of the law.
Judge McGing is calm and even-temperedm …an appropriate consideration of litigants… does his work diligently, with an even temper and patience, managing…with civility and efficiency.
Judge McGing is an excellent jurist….a conscientious jurist… well prepared and praised for his courtroom management…. respectful to all …issue(s) thorough, thoughtful, and accurate decisions…

“Grading 1 to 10, Michael will get 10+. He is the best guy I’ve ever met, he was always there for me his professionalism and support made things perfect. I would highly recommend Michael Miller, which I actually did already to all my friends and family members.”

“No better man than him, easy to get along with.
He is one of very few attorneys that tell you things that really happen, always straightforward and honest. I will highly recommend Mike to everybody without any doubts.”

“Michael is high qualified professional and tremendous personality. He always answered my questions, explained in details what was going on on every single step that he was about to make in my case. Mike never made me wait: always punctual, always returning my phone calls. Very impressed of how quickly he settled my case down and how fast I received my compensation. There is nobody more qualified than Michael to solve your legal issues and fight for your rights.”

“Michael Miller is not only a good person he is more like a brother to me. We became very close during the case and became more like friends than just client and lawyer.
He is very caring and intelligent, Michael did the best job and stood up for me and my rights
I would definitely recommend him, because I can’t imagine anybody more professional and compassionate than Michael.”